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What is a Search Engine and Why is it so Important?

Search Engines are the most important websites in the world.  Since 1995 the top and/or #1 websites in the world have been search engines.  First Yahoo and it’s search engine were the #1 for the longest time until Google came along and is still the #1 search engine and website in the world.  So the single most important thing any online company needs is search engine exposure.  This is where people find websites they have never heard of or seen before.  This is also where people find products and services they are looking for and where they look for the brand names they already know.  Contact Us>>

We have been doing organic search engine optimization (SEO) since 1997. We started performing search engine SEO - Search Engine Optimization Servicesplacements for companies when Yahoo was just a basic directory that looked like Craig’s List and Google wasn’t even in around.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO),  has NO Secrets. Yes it’s true, there is no secret to organic search engine optimization (SEO) however you do need to know what you are doing.  Every business in the world has someone somewhere that is good at what the do. They have experts. Professionals!  They have specialist. Internet Marketing and SEO is another one of those specialties.  You see there aren’t anymore secrets to search engine optimization then there are building a car, becoming a lawyer or doctor or dentist, etc…  You have to learn it, study it, stay up-to-date, and most of all…Do It!


 Organic Search & Long Tail

Organic search and long tail are terms you here more and more these days.  What they simply stand for is free listings and placements in the search engines.  We have trained professional search engine optimization specialist on staff that have been doing SEO since 1998.  Contact Us Today for SEO Services >>

We have achieved millions of top 10 search results listings since 1998. 

Originally Yahoo was the #1 website and search engine in the world, but that all changed in 2000 when Yahoo announced it would start using Google to provide it’s organic search results.

Today, Google is now and has been the #1 search engine and website in the world.  But Yahoo is still the #4 website and search engine in the world which now shares it results with Bing.  There are literally 1,000s of search engines out there but the current top four are Google, Yahoo/Bing, and Ask (formerly Ask Jeeves).  Combined these search engine are responsible for roughly 95% of the search market share with Google being responsible for as much as 70% (depending on varying studies).

Don’t wait any longer, you can’t afford to not be in the search engines and you can’t afford to have bad exposure in the search engines.  Many companies with good exposure find that search engine referrals account for 50% – 90% of all their website traffic.  Search Engine Listings are the single most important aspect of any online marketing campaign.

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