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Website Analytics

Urchin used to be an expensive powerful robust and awesome web analytics software tool that you had to download and configure on your server.  Urchin provided great detail and insight into your website visitors, traffic, habits, browsers, demographics, GEO, search listings, traffic sources, and much, much more.  Then in 2005 Google acquired Urchin and incorporated much of their technology and tools into what is now called Google Analytics.  Google Analytics offers a Free and Enterprise version of this software.  But for the majority of the companies out there (even fortune 500 companies) Google Analytics is all you will ever need and it is FREE.

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Now it is so great to be able to use such a free and powerful tool from Google that used to cost thousand$$, but how do I use it?  What does this mean?  What does that mean?  How do I set up? How do I add the code?  How do I change this? Where do I find this? The list of questions go on….

Well once you start to take full advantage of the analytic tools that Google offers you will be able to leverage the true power of Google Analytics and your website.  Some benefits you will experience once you leverage the power of these tools are:

  1. See how your paid online advertising campaigns are performing.
  2. Track leads and ROI.
  3. See how your social marketing campaigns are performing.
  4. Understand the top performing pages on your site and why?
  5. See where the majority of your visitors come from.
  6. See where the majority of your traffic comes from.
  7. Be alerted when your site is having issues or problems that could hurt it.
  8. Share the stats or limit what you share with staff and other people.
  9. Schedule reports.
  10. Send reports.
  11. And much. much more.

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