Ad Serving

Ad Serving

Google DFP Publishers Ad Serving Training & Consulting

The Ad Serving Process

Ad Serving is a very simple straight forward idea that is extremely complicated.  We offer ad serving counseling, training, management, and services because of all the actual challenges many people face when dealing with an ad server.  We have extensive training in the Google DFP ad server for publishers.  We have gone through private one-on-one training and consulting with our Google representative, taken Google Training Classes, gone through the Google Ad Serving University, offered well received suggestion, solutions, and fixes to the Google DFP team, and have 12 years experience working with ad servers, ad networks, custom ad campaigns, and ad agencies.

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Generally when using an Ad server you want to have a descent amount of traffic to make it worth your time, investment, and effort.  Ad serving is a straight forward concept.  You have a large amount of monthly visitors coming to your site and you would like to make the most money or monetize them the best you can.  Generally unless sold directly, most ad networks and agencies won’t serve ads to all the views performed by each user, thus you need to serve alternate ads from other companies.  This is normally done with an ad server and Google DFP for publishers offers one of the best, most comprehensive solutions on the Internet.

The Ad Server concept is simply this: You generally have anywhere from 1 – 6 ad placements per webpage.  On those ad placements you serve ads from various companies and campaigns.  You want to make the most money you can from each visitor so you you show them the best and highest paying ads first.  Once those have been shown, you need to serve additional ads or you will find yourself serving blanks which means you aren’t making money on those ad spaces and it makes the site look incomplete or as if it has errors.

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