WordPress Website Plus Google Technology Portals Cities Travel Site StreetViewMaps.City

WordPress Website Plus Google Technology Portals Cities Travel Site StreetViewMaps.City

New Website WordPress Plus Google Technology Portals to 1.3 Million Cities Through Travel Site StreetViewMaps.City

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The new website for exploring the businesses of 1.3 million cities around the world has launched. StreetViewMaps.City is a worldwide geographical website application with 1,300,000 cities in its database.

The website Street View Maps.City incorporates establishments recognized by Google Place Types API and then applies a sophisticated level of detail for each city location. The website, developed on the WordPress platform has recently launched and already being enjoyed by users.

With StreetViewMaps.City users are able to enter a city and immediately begin to explore the street view of cities worldwide. To begin, just type in the city to explore or select one from the worldwide directory built into the site.

Picture icons displayed along the right side of the website display different categories of businesses, or establishments to explore, such as: airports, banks, bakeries, car rentals, computer stores, doctors, embassies, fast food, fitness, gas stations, grocery or supermarket, hair care, hotels, lodging, restaurants, pizza, shopping malls, spas, train stations, travel agencies, places of worship, photos, playgrounds, parking, and universities.

The website has a slick interface, intuitive design, and it’s fun and easy to use. Just click on an icon on the right sidebar, and immediately see matching icons appear on the corresponding map. Click an icon on the map and the selection will appear in Google street view (where available). Users have the option to see the surrounding area, get directions, or click a link to the local establishments or businesses, selected.

Click and drag the map to start exploring other places nearby. While moving around the map, new matching place types will appear, giving users instant, convenient access to whatever type of establishment searching for.

The website’s functionality includes fully searchable locations if an existing location already known, or enter a specific address or area to get more information.

WordPress was developed as an alternative personal publishing software built on PHP and MySQL. It’s licensed under the GPLv2 (or later). WordPress is an open source project management, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on its development. Currently WordPress powers 23% of the websites populating the World Wide Web.

Google Place Types APIs (application program interface) is a set of APIs created by Google that allow communication with Google Services, for developers and their integration to other services. As a result of opening APIs to third parties, developers create apps that use these APIs to build upon the functionality of pre-existing services.

Traveling, or to see the world from a desktop computer, iPad, notebook tablet, or mobile device. Developed by Jason T. Shortes, Street View Maps.City gives users a different perspective of the cities that cover the world.

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