Why is my Transparent GIF Image Background Not Working Correctly in Wordpress?

Why is my Transparent GIF Image Background Not Working Correctly in WordPress?

WordPress Transparent Image Backgrounds Use PNG Image In place of  Transparent GIF

Why is my transparent GIF image background not working correctly in WordPress?  I am having trouble making a new GIF image background transparent in WordPress.  It seems every time I create an image in Photoshop and then remove the background to create and transparent GIF to blend with the rest of the on-site artwork the whole image gets all messed and doesn’t render correctly.  I have never had this problem before when developing images for websites.  Now for some reason ever time I create a transparent give, the background is a mess.


Upon further research on this matter I found that there is some sort of restriction or conflict with many WordPress CSS pages.  This WordPress CSS conflict causes Transparent GIF Images to appear to have a background or ignores the transparent GIF.  So when developing a new image in Photoshop make sure to save any images that you want to have a transparent background as a PNG file.  Saving your image file in PNG format will keep keep the integrate of the image and allow for it to render on site/blog with a transparent background the way you originally desired.  I have found great success saving transparent backgrounds in the PNG-24 format.  Try it and let me know how it works for you.



Let’s just say that PNG is the new GIF these days 😉  Hope this helped.

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