Where Did My Firefox Browser Title Bar Menu Go?

Where Did My Firefox Browser Title Bar Menu Go?

For some reason my Firefox Browser Title Bar Menu has disappeared and I don’t know how to get it back.  Where did it go?

If you are like me you love to keep the traditional Firefox Title Bar Menu that was common in many browsers.  More and more it seems browser developers are making a push to get rid of the Title Menu Bar or at least make it super complicated to locate.  Well after running around in circles trying to figure out why and how my Title Bar disappeared I was finally able to find the solution and this is how you FIX THE PROBLEM.

Fixing or Restoring You The Firefox Browser Menu Title Bar

Step 1
Locate the “Open Menu” button in the top right corner of your Firefox Browser.  It should look like this >> Customize_Firefox_button

Step 2

Click on the Open Menu Button and it will launch a menu of options.  Look all the way to the bottom of the pop up menu and choose/click on “Customize”.

Step 3
Once you have clicked on Customize it will launch the full customize screen.  See Below.








Step 4
It it is not already clicked, click on the “Title Bar” button in the bottom left hand corner of the customize screen.  You should then see your Title Menu Bar reappear slightly greyed out in the top navigation where it originally or normally is.  You can now click “Exit Customize” in the bottom left corner of the Blue Outlined Box on the right.  The Exit Button is “Green”.


Step 5
If after saving your changes they still don’t appear or they go away then this is where it gets tricky and this is the unique new Twist I figured out.  In my case it appears for some reason that the available button/tab/menu/title bar word character length has been reduced or shortened ever so slightly for some reason.  So you are going to need to remove one of your title bar menu options.  To do this, follow steps 1 through 3 again but don’t execute step 4 just yet.

Step 6
Now you will notice on the top of the Customize Screen you will see the various title bar menu word options that normal appear at the top of your browser.  However they will each have a check box next to each one of them.  The options should look like this:


In this example I unchecked the “HELP” option.  However I think you should be able to uncheck whatever option you would prefer.  So choose an option to uncheck.  Then you may proceed back to Step #4

Now your TITLE MENU BAR OPTIONS should appear at the top of the screen like they originally or normally did.  This worked for me and I hope it works for you too.  Let me know.

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