What Does The Domain Name Extension (dot) .Com Mean?

What Does The Domain Name Extension (dot) .Com Mean?

The Domain Name Extension (dot) .Com Actually Means or Stands For:

We have all heard the term .com for years, but what does it actually mean?

The Definition of (Dot) .Com is actually a Top Level Domain Name (TLD) and it stands for Commercial.

The .Com’s or .com domain names are generally considered the premium or best most top level domain name to own. Generally when searching for a domain  name you want to search for a .com and work your way down the name ladder.  There are multiple reasons for this, some of which are:

  1. Dot .Com’s are considered preferred.
  2. Dot .Com’s are considered the best.
  3. Dot .Com’s are the most commonly related to and understood.
  4. Dot .Com’s appear to have an ever so slight advantage in search engines.
  5. and more…
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