Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Companies in Russia

Top 10 Search Engine Optimization Companies in Russia

(PRWEB) July 05, 2013

The independent authority on Search vendors in Russia,, has named Demis Group the best SEO company in the online marketing industry for the month of July 2013. Each month the independent research team at evaluates and ranks the top online marketing companies in Russia with the primary objective being a finalized listing of the best companies offering services in Russia. Businesses looking for SEO services which have been evaluated by an independent research team access the rankings each month at

Demis Group earned their position as the best SEO company in Russia through a meticulous evaluation process which aims to identify the greatest strengths and competitive advantages of the top online marketing companies in the industry. A meticulous research and evaluation process is used to determine how well each SEO company performs in a variety of areas ensuring the highest quality service of the companies included in the rankings. Five areas of evaluation are used to benchmark SEO services including on page optimization, off page optimization, needs analysis, and reporting methods. During this process, Demis Group was found to exhibit exceptional search engine optimization practices achieving strong scores across all five of the verticals.

To ensure the most thorough results possible, connects with client references in order to receive their unique perspectives and experiences. Clients of the top SEO companies are asked various general and specific questions about the services provided to them in order to better understand how the vendor has affected their operations. The benefits received by the client, the communications with the client, and the reports generated for the client are all analyzed and verified by the research team to ensure that each SEO company is making their proper claims. In addition, also receives feedback from clients directly regarding the services being rendered for them by various online marketing companies from around the world.

With thousands of online marketing companies providing services across the globe, Demis Group has been named the best SEO company operating in Russia in the online marketing industry. Their position in the rankings was decided based on their results in the meticulous evaluation process across the five areas of evaluation and their strong client references which provided a snapshot of excellent client satisfaction and a company which can achieve the expectations set for the client. Those looking for a top ranked SEO company in Russia to assist them in achieving the most out of their online marketing should consider Demis Group.

About is a well-known independent authority on Search vendors. Established in 2002, the goal of is to recognize and rank those individuals or companies providing the best online marketing services all over the world. A specialized team of researchers examine thousands of applicants each month who are seeking to be ranked as a top internet marketing service provider by the independent authority. This website is being visited daily by thousands of visitors all over the world looking for the best services available. The website also provides various types of facilities other than the independent rankings which provide useful information to customers and providers of online marketing services.

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