Social Media ‘Networthing’ Site Enhances Platform Multiple Languages Beta

Social Media ‘Networthing’ Site Enhances Platform Multiple Languages Beta

Ten languages introduced to website, with a total of 50 planned

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Social media website (pronounced “squeaky”) recently announced that it is releasing the first 10 of 50 different languages in beta, a highly anticipated advancement in their website. Sqeeqee features an innovative approach to social media platforms, delivering an opportunity for members to monetize their social networking time. Coining the phrase “Social networthing™”, Sqeeqee provides a chance for people to build wealth simply by using their social networking activities.

The first 10 languages to be featured on the site will be: Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, and Spanish. Users visiting the website from Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, China, Vietnam, Korea, Spain, and the Philippines will automatically view its content in the native language of their country.

In the upcoming weeks, Jenny Ta, Sqeeqee’s founder and chief executive officer, plans to release the remaining 40 languages in Beta. As with the initial ten languages, visitors to the site from the countries involved in each release will automatically view in their native language. Ta says that the impetus behind her company’s decision to offer multiple languages stems from a desire to better serve her members by enhancing customer experience. “We’ve made it as simple as possible, even to the point of avoiding the need to select a language when arriving at the site,” states Ta.

The company has done their best to date to provide good translations from English to each of the other languages. However, it is possible that some variations might occur, particularly when unique/non-traditional words have been used in content place on the site. “We are in the beginning stages of this transition and hope to resolve any discrepancies in a timely fashion, if and when they arise,” states a member of the technical team.

Jenny Ta is excited about the prospect of expanding to international shores, stating “It’s been our pleasure to introduce people to a monetizing venture that takes advantage of activities they already engage in – social media. We relish the idea of providing this opportunity to individuals from other countries.” Ta further explains her decision to release 10 languages now and 40 more over the next couple of months, “Building wealth simply by using social networking activities is a concept that we fully believe in, and we want to bring it to people from all around the world. It’s our goal to help people to achieve a better lifestyle as we offer the opportunity to buy, sell, socialize, and monetize from the convenience of a single website.”

Sqeeqee is experiencing a steady growth in membership on both a domestic and international basis, and it would like to couple that with a renewed search for professional translators in these many different countries to assist us with the correct translations. Please send resumes to for an immediate consideration.

About, which is free to join, is a social commerce platform designed to enable its members (non-profits, students, business companies, individuals, celebrities, and startups) to begin moving toward their goals with the ability to monetize their social presence, while also establishing long lasting connections that can assist them in reaching their networthing™ goals. The website is now available in eleven languages, including English, Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Filipino, and Spanish Sqeeqee provides weekly giveaways for new registered users and access to financially rewarding experiences. Seven unique monetization features exist, including an eCommerce marketplace, 50% profile ad share, 30% referral ad share, 70% mobile download profit share, 30% mobile ad profit share, 30% media ad share, and 70% game development profit share. Sqeeqee makes it possible for users to monetize their social networking experiences each day.

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