Social Media Marketing (SMM) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

PHILADELPHIA, July 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — “PrimeHangout is revolutionizing the world of social media through aggressive and highly charged innovative ideas. “PrimeHangout – a social media with artificial intelligence, loaded with useful and life changing technologies, has emerged,” declared Henry I. Balogun, Founder & CEO. “We recently completed series of embedded life transforming set of new technologies designed to make life wonderfully easier. Imagine being reminded of things or important events you could have forgotten – your wedding anniversary, that important job interview, things on your to-do-list for Christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, valentines’ day, etc. Imagine being allowed to attend to any of these even at the last minute to avoid embarrassing and offending moments. You can now deliver birthday cards as well as other gift items; anniversary card and gift; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any important day or event card and gift faster than the speed of love and care. The most important part, you can do any of these even if you are thousands of miles away from home or from your friends and loved ones,” said Henry Balogun.

“PrimeHangout recently released a new and more organized way to enjoy the music videos and movies of interest to you. All you have to do is simply link to your music videos or movies available elsewhere on the Internet or upload what you have, arrange them anyway you like and have them ready to be played one-by-one or continuously from virtually any computer – desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device. Check it out!”

In 2012, PrimeHangout released sClassified – a new technology developed to reverse job search and connect employers with qualified candidates in a way never before seen and at a speed never before experienced. If you are an employer, login to and post your help wanted ad at no cost whatsoever. You need to see the magic of sClassified up-close. If you are looking for job, login and edit your profile to start receiving notifications about available jobs in your area.

“When you login to, be sure to complete your registration in its entirety, sit back and enjoy the emerging heartwarming and relationship strengthening innovative additions ever produced on social media. If you fail to upload enough photos and you fail to properly update your profile, you could be making it a little bit challenging for your friends and loved ones to complete everything required to make the system work in your favor. We strongly encourage you to upload enough photos of yourself and possibly family photos too. If you registered via mobile device, do not hesitate to login again, click Profile and click Edit to properly complete your registration. Our goal is to completely revolutionize social media by making it more like a must have companion or your secret weapon.”

“PrimeHangout is still in its infancy. Our watch word is innovation. PrimeHangout is the next step,” Balogun emphasized.

PrimeHangout App for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android is available. Download it today.

Contact Info: Henry I. Balogun
(215) 704-8223

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