Paid Search Engine Marketing SEM Works

Paid Search Engine Marketing SEM Works

Google’s Ad For People Searching In Google

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just find certain things funny.  Today was one of those days.  I saw a new Google Ad to sell advertising in the Google search engine.  The ad was simple, basic, and to the point.  So simple it was funny and based around the most common and basic premise that drives the success of search engine advertising.

The ad read as follows:

  1. You know who needs a dentist?
  2. People searching for a dentist.
  3. Maybe that’s why Google ads work 🙂

you-know-who-needs-a-dentist people-searching-for-a-dentist









I don’t know about you, but I think this is really funny, LOL.  You know who needs a dentist, people searching for a dentist LOL.  But it is so true.  People searching for a dentist do need a dentist that is why they are searching for a dentist and that is why paid search is so successful.  In my opinion, paid search is the absolute best bang for your buck.  You can’t get any better traffic quality or relevance for your ad.  This is especially true depending on the level of granularity or long tail you develop your Paid/PPC/SEM campaign around.

Paid Search Engine Marketing SEM or Pay-Per-Click PPC

These days people refer to search engine marketing, listings, and advertising in many different ways, but they all come back around to the same thing.  Some of the acronyms you will find are SEM or search engine marketing, SEO or search engine optimization, PPC or Pay-Per-Click, search engine ranking, and more…

At the end of the day, there are two basic forms of search engine advertising.  There is Paid and Organic.  Paid is generally referred to as SEM or PPC and Organic is generally referred to as SEO.  Strangely enough, you can pay for both.  But paid SEM or PPC gets you more specific, targeted, and immediate ranking results.  There is nothing new here, this model has been around since the 1990’s when GoTo, FindWhat, Sprinks, Ah-Ha, and 7 Search all started in the SEM or then referred to as Pay-Per-Click search advertising business model.  Today it works just the same, only it is more refined, there are better tools, and a better understanding of how to truly leverage your ROI.

So if you are a dentist and want to be found, advertise your services in a reputable search engine with paid click text  placements and you will be found and you will get the best quality targeted person looking for a dentist.

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