OnTheSide™ A New Website Monetization Ad Tag for Publishers & Media Buyers by LIQWID

OnTheSide™ A New Website Monetization Ad Tag for Publishers & Media Buyers by LIQWID

LIQWID® Announces the Release of OnTheSide™, a Website Monetization Program Via a Universal Tag That Creates an Above-The-Fold and Non-Scrollable Adaptive Webpage Extension™ Providing Incremental, Premium, 100% Viewable Inventory for Publishers and Media Buyers


OnTheSide provides publishers an incremental revenue stream utilizing Google AdSense and other competing monetization offerings by running their display ads always above the fold and only when 100% of the ad can fit on the viewer’s screen outside of the content page.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — LIQWID announces the release of OnTheSide, a website and blog monetization program utilizing incremental, 100% viewable inventory provided by the LIQWID Adaptive Webpage Extension technology. By virtue of a single tag, OnTheSide gives publishers the flexibility of using different monetization partners for an incremental revenue stream without any changes to their existing website.

“Now publishers can benefit from the transition to the Viewable Impression metric and materially increase their viewable inventory without any changes to their existing website,” Says Nikolai Mentchoukov, LIQWID CEO. “The LIQWID patented adaptive content distribution technology allows for the delivery of IAB standard size ads within the adaptive webpage extension created on the fly outside of the content pages. Managed by our adaptive webpage extension, monetization partner ads are only delivered above the fold with 100% of creative in-view and cannot be scrolled away, providing maximum exposure time and impact without disrupting the viewer’s experience.”

Jim Rowan, Chairman and President of LIQWID, continues: “Everyone agrees that the move to the Viewable Impressions metric is critical for the integrity of digital advertising and benefits advertisers in a fundamental manner. For publishers, the transition is painful given the unavoidable shrinking of ‘inventory.’ At the same time, revenue to publishers can be severely impacted by this reduction of in-content inventory as growing viewability verification essentially filters down what is available without offering anything in return. LIQWID is devoted to solve these challenges and actually increase available premium inventory utilizing the unquestionably viewable empty space outside the content pages, which provides new, 100% viewable real-estate in a seamless manner. Well, this so called ‘gutter space’ on the viewers’ screens turns out to be the most valuable space for publishers and advertisers given the unique capabilities of LIQWID webpage extension technology,” continues Rowan. “Undoubtedly, publishers and advertisers both benefit from the Viewable Impression metric. OnTheSide at least doubles the real estate for display advertising and its associated scaled revenue potential for publishers, ad networks, programmatic and many other display market players.”

ABOUT LIQWID: Liqwid®, a brand of LeftsnRights, Inc., was founded by Nikolai Mentchoukov and Jim Rowan in 2010. LIQWID is a global provider of viewable digital real-estate. LIQWID tag dynamically creates adaptive extensions to webpages that provide on the viewers’ screens above-the-fold and non-scrollable digital real-estate programmed for managed advertising delivery based on 100% viewability across all devices. The LIQWID adaptive content distribution technology works equally well with traditional websites and responsive layouts and supports most available on the market ad units and ad delivery tags with creative implemented in any media format supported by HTML5. LIQWID’s flagship offering, the LIQWID Ad, is a super-premium adaptive ad format where ad content instantly reconfigures and scales itself when delivered, regardless of the space dimensions or placement location enabling for monetization of fixed-size and dynamic-layout responsive websites, including mobile property. The company also features its innovative Viewer-Directed Placement™ technology to enhance the accuracy of measurable deliverables and scheduling. For more information about LIQWID technology, visit http://www.liqwid.com/ or contact Jim Rowan at 800-870-5006 or Email.

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