Online Marketing PPC Adwords Campaigns Huge Return on Modest Investment of Time & Money

Online Marketing PPC Adwords Campaigns Huge Return on Modest Investment of Time & Money

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla., May 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — For local and small businesses, including fledgling ecommerce operations, seeing a return on marketing investment can be a challenge, especially in light of slim budgets and stiff competition. Online marketing agency Flow Simple ( aims to rewrite that conventional wisdom with reliable, individualized campaigns that stretch every dollar to its limit.

The mission of Flow Simple is to offer effective and affordable online marketing services without the needless bells and whistles of industry heavyweights, nor the sketchy reputations of fly-by-night operations. To that end, the agency focuses on precisely what works for each type of client. Flow Simple’s approach is captured in its name: “Flow” describes a mental state of high focus, high energy, and high enjoyment, while “Simple” is self-explanatory – although many marketing agencies forget that simplicity is indeed a virtue. Keeping things simple enables the agency to be precise where others are scattershot.

The target market for Flow Simple consists of small and medium business, local businesses, and online startups. The agency has helped doctors and dentists, attorneys, hair salons, home remodeling and repair companies, niche and boutique stores, and software service providers achieve greater market awareness and strong revenue growth. These business owners don’t have the budget to spend on a premium, high-profile marketing agency. That’s where Flow Simple comes in, delivering services and features tailored to the needs of SMBs and startups.

Flow Simple provides two main service offering to clients: Spring and PPC Plans. Designed for local businesses, Spring lets owners focus on running their business, while Flow Simple handles every aspect of online marketing, from updating websites to reputation monitoring. The service also features local and mobile search optimization and a targeted, well-conceived Adwords campaign. Unlike many competitors, Flow Simple does not require a long-term commitment or pricey setup fees. Business owners are therefore free to try the service without fear of being locked in.

PPC Plans are like turbochargers for any ecommerce vehicle. Leaning on their industry experience, the team at Flow Simple have concluded that pay-per-click advertising is typically the most reliable and consistent way to drive traffic to a site, convert more new customers, and build up revenue. Flow Simple is an Adwords Certified Partner, so business owners can trust in the service the agency provides.

In marketing, the volume and availability of data mean that success and failure are easy to recognize. A recent success story for Flow Simple involves the agency’s work with Nine Naturals, a 100-percent natural and organic haircare and bodycare line launched in January 2013. Flow Simple kicked off an Adwords campaign two months later, the emphasis of which was on growing online awareness for this new brand as well as online education about safe, toxin-free beauty products during pregnancy. The agency also provided expert guidance on turning Nine Naturals’ ecommerce website into a conversion machine.

A year in to managing the Nine Naturals account, the numbers tell an unambiguous story. Nine Naturals, which sells exclusively online, attributes a fifth of its revenues to Adwords advertising and marketing. PPC revenue has increased 1,642%. Brand keyword searches are up 86%. Finally, the ecommerce site conversion rates has risen 87%. These numbers underscore a business model with limitless potential.

Going forward, Flow Simple’s objectives are to continue offering the leanest, most effective online marketing services to its clients, while spearheading innovative new ways to increase marketing ROI.

About Flow Simple

Flow Simple is a data and goal driven online marketing agency. We’ve been an Adwords Certified Partner since 2008. While we serve national brands, our focus is on small local and e-commerce business owners and offering the best service and client experience. We deliver positive results through extensive research, premium service, experience, and the right technology.

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