New White Paper About Integrating Direct & Digital Marketing

New White Paper About Integrating Direct & Digital Marketing

WAYNE, N.J., Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Marketing has continuously evolved since 1966, when Ballantine was founded. Everything changed with the introduction of digital media; at the same time, very little has changed about successful marketing at its core.

Ballantine recently released a new white paper illustrating the ways in which the company’s integrated marketing campaigns have evolved over the decades, bringing fantastic success to their clients as they have worked to redefine marketing in a way that makes sense for today’s customers.

The white paper, “A New Era of Marketing – Integrating Direct and Digital Marketing,” discusses the ways in which traditional and new marketing techniques can be brought together into integrated marketing campaigns, increasing an organization’s reach and expanding their clientele.

By integrating multiple channels such as direct mail, email, social media, personalized URLs and more, a company’s messages can be reinforced across platforms, targeting a greater swath of potential customers.

The days of separating digital and from putting traditional marketing departments into silos are over. With the rise of digital media and communication, forward thinking agencies like Ballantine have come up with integrated marketing solutions to better serve clients’ needs.

And yet, as much as things have changed, Ballantine argues in its white paper, selling products is still ultimately about reaching out to customers and making an emotional connection. It’s about building relationships, trust and customer satisfaction in the marketplace while creating spectacular products and services folks want to share with others.

The white paper also includes a case study about how one of Ballantine’s university clients used integrated marketing to shatter their fundraising goal of 140 donors in 24 hours.

“Combining direct and digital marketing is most successful when you play to each channel’s strengths in a cohesive campaign,” the white paper explains. “We’ve been integrating direct and digital marketing for several years to help clients earn higher ROIs, and here’s what we’ve found: We believe marketing is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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