New Smartphone Messaging and Analytics Marketing Platform

New Smartphone Messaging and Analytics Marketing Platform

Nodify Proximity Marketing Platform Delivers Precise Messaging and Analytics, Working with 100% of all Smartphones

​WEST SAYVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Nodify™, Inc., an in-location proximity marketing and data collection enterprise solution for C and fuel retailers, restaurants, arenas and stadiums, trade shows, and healthcare facilities recently shared traffic analytics from a C and fuel customer installation in the Northeast.

These traffic analytics statistics emphasize the value of the Nodify proximity marketing solution for the C and fuel industry. Store operators now have a solution that will engage all smartphone carrying customers at the most influential time and place; at the pumps. While providing valuable information about customer locations and offering a better understanding about which customers are ‘new’ or ‘known’, how much time do they spend both inside and out at the islands. Know which customers visit other locations. As illustrated in the graphs, Nodify is consistently seeing only 25% of the total traffic enters the stores. This is consistent with previous industry reports.

The Nodify Node™ creates a secure proprietary network. This protected network provides an added benefit for customers, not only are they able to see real time traffic, send push notifications when a user is in or near a specific location, they now have a more secure network to add mobile payments in the future.

Nodify is a cloud-based platform combined with a robust database backend. Both an SDK and a branded white label app are available.

Unlike iBeacons, the Nodify platform interacts with 100% of smartphones and is not reliant on Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Less than 50% of the smartphones in use today are able to communicate with iBeacons. The donut chart illustrates the type of smartphones collected at the same customer site during the same period.

According to Bob Bente, President Nodify, Inc., “With Nodify, the opportunity is tremendous. We now have the unique ability to engage all smartphone carrying C and Fuel customers with compelling messages to increase inside sales. It’s not as if you need to motivate a customer to visit your location, they are already there; they are even outside of their vehicle. This is the precise time to send a push notification that is timely and relevant. Not an offer that reaches a customer in a Geofence going 65 MPH on the interstate.” Bente added “It was important to develop a solution that would be device agnostic and not reliant on any one technology such as BLE. Originally iBeacons seemed very promising but the market is currently too fractured and immature.”

About Nodify, Inc

Nodify is an integrated real-time system for measuring all smartphone traffic, including Android, Windows and other devices, at any location with ability to engage customers with relevant and timely offerings. The system provides analytics and permission based customer engagement.


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