New SEO Tool Released at #SMX Advanced

New SEO Tool Released at #SMX Advanced

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., June 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — No website owner ever wants to hear the words “Google penalty” in the same sentence as their business domain name. DisavowFiles, a free crowdsourced SEO tool that gives users insight into their websites’ backlinks, launched this week at the SEO conference Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Advanced. The new service by Bruce Clay, Inc. comes at a time when improper linking puts businesses at risk for hefty penalties that can demote a website in search engine rankings. Joining the service at will alleviate some of the mystery around what is and is not a good link for a website to have.

A disavow file is a tool that site owners and SEOs use to neutralize the negative effects of link spam. However, businesses have no insight into the search engines’ collection of disavowed link data; access to this information can impact how often or how prominently a website can show up when potential customers are using a search engine. The DisavowFiles tools and reports give participants access to disavowed link data, enabling users to:

  • Know which sites linking to theirs have been disavowed by other participants.
  • Find out when their own web pages show up on other participants’ disavow files.
  • Research any domain to see how many times it has been disavowed and view other linking metrics that help determine its trustworthiness.

Through, participants sign up at no cost, upload their site’s Google disavow file, and get valuable missing intel on the websites linking to theirs.

The crowdsourced database anonymizes the source of each disavow file to protect each participant’s privacy. Tools compare each site’s list of backlinks (pulled using a Majestic API) to the DisavowFiles database to give each participating site customized data. Knowing which of the external linking sites have already been voted untrustworthy by others in the SEO community can let webmasters red-flag backlinks for closer investigation and possible disavowal for their own site.

This new service began as a wish-list project at Bruce Clay, Inc., whose in-house development team recently released the sixth generation of its SEOToolSet® tools. DisavowFiles was developed to meet a need across the SEO community, which is to help identify link spam and better protect websites from bad incoming links. Now the invitation is out for webmasters and SEOs to sign up for free at As Bruce Clay, founder and president, said, “In a world of link penalties, why wouldn’t you want greater visibility into all the disavow data we keep giving the search engines?”

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