New Mobile App is the Antidote to Fake Reviews

New Mobile App is the Antidote to Fake Reviews

NEW YORK, Aug. 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – iTrueReview, the go-to review site that prides itself on honest, instant feedback, has a new trick up its sleeve. Its brand new mobile app makes it easier than ever for dedicated reviewers to leave their thoughts about restaurants and other businesses that they visit.

Great for Guests

iTrueReview isn’t just a convenient and straight-forward way to share experiences. It’s also an easy way to search for the best places to go for food, atmosphere, music and to link to business webpages if the user needs more information.

There are lots of time-saving features built in, so busy people can have great meals too! It’s easy to check out the opening hours, make a reservation online, and if there’s only time for a takeout, delivery orders can be placed using the app.

There are even driving directions available so that time isn’t wasted in getting lost, and it’s also a simple one-click effort to call the establishment.

Support local businesses …

iTrueReview’s clever tracking system ensures that the mobile app allows only guests inside the establishment at the time to leave reviews, so businesses can still guarantee that the reviews generated by iTrueReview are 100% honest and genuine.

Just like the in-house tablet app, the mobile app immediately uploads customer reviews to several social media and Internet review sites, as well as a national review site, so the business gets plenty of exposure right across the net, and particularly on local sites.

Any business that has lost some reputation or even customers due to fake reviews on the big review sites will find that iTrueReview’s mobile app is a serious antidote to that.

The instant feedback quality of the app ensures that business owners can catch problems straightaway, from poorly motivated servers to under or overcooked food, so not only do they win, their customers win too.

Michael Shivili, CEO and founder of iTrueReview, said: “Our goal is to be the best at capturing and revealing the truth about actual guest experiences. We want to give businesses the opportunity to enhance their product while arming consumers with knowledge to make educated decisions and in the meanwhile, have the most effective, useful and time-saving app available!”

iTrueReview is a lovely, simple, user-friendly app that uses the latest technology to ensure that guests get an easier ride and businesses get honest reviews.

For more information, visit or download the APP in the iPhone Apps store.

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