New LA City Domain Names Available Now, But You Won’t Get One

New LA City Domain Names Available Now, But You Won’t Get One

Why Are Many of The New LA City Domains Taken Already?

godaddyThe answer to this question is quite simple.  They are not new at all.  From my sources at GoDaddy I confirmed that these new .LA city domain name extensions are actually not new at all.  In Fact, they are reallocating the origination and ownership of this extension from Laos, Korea to Los Angeles, CA.

So how is this going to effect people that want to find domain names in Laos?  Well my suspicion is that they weren’t that popular to begin with otherwise I doubt they would have made such a dramatic switch.  So I imagine there are still many available, but I would grab up the ones you can now because they will be going fast.  This is the first installment of many more new Top Level Domains (TLD) that will be entering the marketplace.

More City and New TLD’s Coming

From my ource at GoDaddy they plan to roll out an additional 1,400 new domains over the course of 18 months later on this year.  TLD’s like .godaddy and .IBM will NOT be available to the general public, these will be reserved for internal company uses, however there will be hundreds that are avaiable.  Some new domains you can expect to see coming are .NYC and other major cities as well as .Pizza and others.  So check back often to see the latest updates so you can secure these new domains as they are rolled out.




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