New IceBrowser Web Users Internet World Privacy

New IceBrowser Web Users Internet World Privacy

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — announces its Beta launch of a new add-on browser designed to allow users to privately and securely access the Internet. IceBrowser is an effective way to prevent government and corporate trackers from invading online privacy and a virus-free environment by providing browser services from the most private countries in the world. IceBrowser will operate via the user-friendly Cocoon platform. Cocoon, the renowned web privacy add-on, will work in conjunction with Gerald Baton of to keep browsing data away from the prying eyes of corporations and governments by allowing you to surf from privacy-friendly countries, such as Iceland, thanks to the cloud.

Today’s Internet presents a troubling conundrum for anyone who values privacy. It’s the most powerful expression of humanity’s technological prowess, but it’s also rife with a dizzying array of dangers, some obvious and others less so. Identity theft, malware, phishing scams, and data tracking perpetrated by major technology companies, not to mention the National Security Agency (NSA), all combine to make for a treacherous digital terrain. Users who log on with no thought for their own safety will inadvertently put themselves in harm’s way.

The solution to this problem involves leveraging hardware and software at the bleeding edge of Internet and communications technology: the cloud. Many web surfers are already comfortable with the notion of storing documents, music, movies, and eBooks in the cloud. IceBrowser takes things one step further by storing all browser-related information- cookies, metadata, history – on its encrypted servers in Iceland and other safe countries like Norway or Switzerland. Coupling this new tactic with the already proven effectiveness of Cocoon’s superb malware protection and browsing security will ensure a potent defense against unwanted probing and tampering. Without taking this precaution, user data is free for marketers to use as research material or for governments to intrude on citizens’ private activities.

With a strong record of defending personal privacy in the Information Age, Iceland and other top privacy countries are uniquely positioned to foster the development of companies like Icebrowser. Technologist and software engineer Bill Zimmerman had this to say of IceBrowser’s home territory: “Iceland places an exceptionally strong emphasis on privacy rights, such that what is now commonplace in the U.S. and parts of Europe would be unthinkable there.”

Cocoon Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Bermant believes the time is ripe for the kind of user-centric service offering represented by IceBrowser. “Every day in America, we read about how U.S. government surveillance programs have crept into our private lives and snapped up all our online communications. Despite the scare tactics of the Patriot Act, the FISA Amendment Act, and the FISC, or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, we still believe that online privacy has a right to coexist on the digital highway.”

The data concurs with Bermant. National polls and rapidly circulating petitions prove that the American public are not OK with their personal information and web surfing habits becoming part of some monolithic Big Data labyrinth. Cocoon and IceBrowser have created a way out of this maze that’s robust, economical, and sustainable, ensuring safe browsing today and tomorrow.

About Virtual World Computing

Cocoon is a free, all-in-one Firefox plugin developed by Virtual World Computing (VWC) of Santa Barbara, California. Cocoon’s core business model is built on trust, and its mission is to put users in control of their Internet experience by ensuring that their computer and personal information is secure and protected from malicious attacks, invasive corporate and government snooping, and other invasions of privacy.

About Ice Browser. efh

Ice Browser.efh is a company whose mission to create safe and secure browsing for users who wish to store their data in private and safe countries.


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