Monetization Model: GamingGrids To Monetize Revolutionary Gaming Platform Changing the Way Players Experience MMO’s

Monetization Model: GamingGrids To Monetize Revolutionary Gaming Platform Changing the Way Players Experience MMO’s

E-Commerce and Business Development Provider Payelp Selected by GamingGrids To Monetize Revolutionary Gaming Platform That is Changing the Way Players Experience MMO’s

New Tournament-Style Gaming Platform “Opens Up the World” to Gamers By Enabling Them to Compete Against Players in Other Countries While Earning Money Instead of Virtual Currency

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — might have found an answer to the problem most gaming companies have when players reach the end of the game’s storyline (“end-game solutions”): enables players to compete PvP or Open Play in tournament-style games against players in other countries around the world for actual money, instead of virtual currency.


(Logo: is a revolutionary open system that is not limited to one or several servers for each game- It essentially “opens up the world” to gamers who want to compete against players in other countries, while getting paid to compete. chose Payelp Global, a worldwide business development and payment platform, to monetize the gaming platform worldwide. Payelp offers companies over 300 global payment gateways (with just one contract) as well as business licensing, tax and currency management, customer service support, logistics, payment data analytics and more for gaming companies like GamingGrids, Steam and Riot Games, as well as companies like Skype, Apple iTunes and many others.

At, players can compete in tournaments “player vs. player (PvP)” or “open play,” which is one player vs. multiple other gamers (‘playing against the masses’). Players start at level 10, the default starting position, the lowest position, and compete against other players to work their way to level 1, the highest level. As they get to the top level, players gain more exposure, challenges and tournament invitations and earn more money; players with the highest skill levels occupy the top tier.

GamingGrids is currently live with Battlefield 4, and has many new games coming to the platform soon. GamingGrids is accessible across multiple platforms, including PC/Mac, Browser, Console, Mobile and Smart TV.

“As GamingGrids brings players together from all over the world, we wanted to find a payment and business development partner that had global coverage and a global mindset; We are looking forward to working with Payelp to monetize the GamingGrids platform- Although it is still in Beta stage, we are seeing a lot of interest and success with platform already. We are looking forward to working with Payelp as GamingGrids continues to grow with more games and more players worldwide,” stated Dana Garvey, CEO of GamingGrids.

Albert Donahue, CEO of Payelp Global, stated, “GamingGrids is an innovative new approach to the gaming industry, bringing a new vision to distribution and the motivation of gamers- We believe that the tournaments will generate loyalty for GamingGrids as well as generating more consumers for our gaming company partners. We are delighted that this product will work across all platforms, and are very pleased that GamingGrids chose to partner with Payelp for this innovative gaming platform.”

About Payelp Global:

Payelp helps online retailers and businesses grow e-commerce revenue worldwide, offering merchants over 300 payment gateways worldwide with just one contract with Payelp. Online retailers can accept credit cards, PayPal, direct debit, Virtual Visa (Qiwi Virtual Visa™), payments from kiosks, cash transfer, prepaid and gift cards, mobile payments and more- with one low fee per transaction. Payelp doesn’t charge merchants start-up fees, monthly or minimum transaction fees- just one low transaction fee, with PCI-DSS card security compliance, fraud and chargeback protection, 24/7 multilingual merchant and customer support, payment data analytics, as well as a suite of auxiliary services such as business licensing, tax and currency management, logistics, web site localization and marketing, and more.

For payment providers, Payelp offers the Global Service Gateway™, the only product of its kind- offering payment companies and merchants the ability to connect with thousands of other payment gateways, offer platforms, mobile operators, merchants and more- with two-way integration, all through one gateway (GSG™). Contact Payelp Global today for more information or to apply for a merchant account at or visit us online at

About GamingGrids:

GamingGrids, Inc. was incorporated in January 2012; the company’s first patents were filed in April 2005 and a continuation of that patent was filed in November 2007, and again in November 2012. Additional patents were filed to include our Secure Cloud and Multiplayer Framework.
The company is comprised of a unique and complete GamingGrids Team backed by board members with diverse backgrounds in technology, video gaming, and various areas of compliance. – For more information, please visit the GamingGrids web site at or the corporate site at

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