Is Google Changing Their Page Rank PR Toolbar Plugin?

Is Google Changing Their Page Rank PR Toolbar Plugin?

Google PageRank Doing Away With Interior Pages

It looks like Google is updating its proprietary Page Rank Toolbar plugin to no longer rank interior pages on websites.  This appears to be another update that was bundled with the recent Query Data update last week.  But why would Google want to no longer provide you interior page rank data?  Well when you think of it, it actually falls right in line with the same reason they don’t want to share query data.  This information too affords you the opportunity to get a better look into your site and how it is performing.  This data provided can help SEO specialists, Black Hat SEO technicians, and just regular site owner looking to optimize their page or website better to get better rankings in search engines.

Since Google’s Query Data Update and Page Rank Update much of the previous and useful SEO data will be limited or not available through Google as it was in the past.  A very useful tool/toolbar that can actually provide similar data and it actually a better toolbar all together is from SEOMoz or located here:

So moving forward it looks like Google will only be giving certain well established pages and the primary URL an actual page rank.  It looks like the rest of the pages on your website will be classified as “unranked”.  I have found multiple cases of this popping up more and more around the Internet.  More interior pages are coming up unranked.  I have found instances of this on popular, well respected sites such as ESPN now showing  “unranked” for their internal page’s PR.  Additionally, I have found that the same “unranked” status to interior pages is happening at least in a few instances to,,, The NBA Lakers  , TMZ Videos, and many more.

Even Bruce Clay’s Site Now Has Some Pages That are Unranked.  So that should tell you something you know how well they maintain their SEO, Quality, and Search Presence.

How is this going to effect your site, we will still have to wait and see how things unfold.  But at least you can find comfort in knowing that your site isn’t the only site that has suddenly found all of its interior pages with Google Page Ranks go from 4/10 to unranked.  It appears that it is nothing you have done.  Google is yet pushing out additional changes.

I would be interested to hear what you have found, please post comments below.

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