Is Facebook On The Way Out?

Is Facebook On The Way Out?

Be Careful Of How Much Time You Invest In Social Media

Don’t Get Caught Up In Making Your Presence On Someone Else’s Site More Important Then Your Own

Yesterday the Washington Post released an article titled, “Teens are officially over Facebook”.  See More Here >>

This is a great article and to my point completely.  I have and have been preaching for years to never invest too much in someone else’s website because at the end of the day you don’t own it and you cannot control it.  If they close down, you lose!

I speak this truth from early experiences in life on the web.  Many people have had their email address taken away or the company went out of business or changed names and now they have to get a new email address.  MySpace gone!  What a waste of time.  Invest in your own email, website, etc.


Now what?  Well if your primary focus was on building your brand, company, store, business, etc and funnel all external sites to your website you will be fine and virtually unaffected.  You will still have users and visitors and traffic and your email address will still be the same.  So if/when Facebook is the next MySpace, we will still have website and our emails and people will still be able to find us and experience what they have always experienced.  We will have used these sites as the actual “Tools” they are.  It is NOT our presence or were to find us.  It is a tool to help people find us.  I feel sorry for people that invest so much time into building their presence on some else’s website because when it closes or changes they have lost all their work.

Don’t’ Lose All Your Hard Work!

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