Google is Launching New Domain Name Registration Service

Google is Launching New Domain Name Registration Service

GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Verisign,, 1&1, Tocows, and all you other domain name registrars, Watch Out!  The Elephant has just entered 🙂

The new Domain Name Registration service that Google is launching is apparently going to initially be by Invite ONLY.  Then they will open it up to world some time after.

From what I can tell the prices aren’t much if any better then GoDaddy.  At the end of the day for me I am totally satisfied with GoDaddy.  I have purchased  1,000’s of domain names through GoDaddy and never had any issues.  I get wholesale pricing and top notch service and support both by email, dashboard, and phone.  Yes, they actually answer the phone, talk to you, help you in a timely fashion, and actually can help.

I think GoDaddy is safe from the Google Domain Onslaught, but the rest of the registrars better watch out because I am sure Google will be able to blow them all away.

In fact, if I wasn’t so happy with GoDaddy, I’m sure I would use Google Domains for registration because I bet Google would/will be a really good registrar.

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