GoDaddy Signs First Registry-Registrar Agreement Dot Latin’s TLD, .UNO

GoDaddy Signs First Registry-Registrar Agreement Dot Latin’s TLD, .UNO

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dot Latin LLC announced today that the world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy, has signed the Registry-Registrar Agreement for the .UNO domain extension, specifically designed for the Hispanic and Latino communities, worldwide. .UNO is the first global web extension dedicated to Spanish-speaking businesses, consumers and individuals online.

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.UNO is an excellent choice for Hispanics and Latinos because it´s short, memorable, instantly recognizable and offers cultural significance and relevance for this online community. .UNO stands out against all other Latin web names because it’s broader in scope and meaning, more dynamic, and simply hotter than any other web identity available today.

.UNO is one of the first new top level domains, out of over 1,500 applications for new domain extensions, to enter the global marketplace. .UNO will lead the tidal wave of new Internet addressing options that, beginning in 2014, will forever change the way we search and find destinations online. Culturally, community, and linguistically specific, .UNO will provide a unique opportunity for Hispanic and Latino web users to communicate and transact business together, in one space, online.

“We expect opening up ‘the other side of the dot’ with new domain name extensions is destined to have a significant impact on the Internet by vastly expanding the inventory of relevant domain names. Dot-UNO is a prime example of what is to come,” said GoDaddy Vice President, Domains, Rich Merdinger. “There are more than 490 million Spanish-speaking people online and dot-UNO gives them a unique space dedicated to the Spanish language.”

.UNO offers differentiation to Spanish-speaking businesses and entrepreneurs. It provides a voice and a platform for brands within a community environment which transcends geography and citizenship, and tells the world that this is the place to be.

“.UNO will be the first new gTLD to launch that will globally connect and unite Hispanic and Latino communities, businesses, consumers, and individuals in support of a multicultural and multilingual Internet,” said Shaul Jolles, CEO of Dot Latin LLC. “.UNO will be an integral piece in the expansion of the Internet that will bring new opportunities and unlimited possibilities to the marketplace like never seen before.”

GoDaddy, the Web’s top platform for small businesses, and Dot Latin will jointly hold an early .UNO launch party for an exclusive list of technology thought leaders, celebrities and trendsetters that will take place on November 19, 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event will be a high-profile, star-studded party at Oasis Clubhouse, an exclusive “members only” club. .UNO will be introduced in true Latin style and celebration.

GoDaddy will be the first domain registrar to offer .UNO pre-registrations for this groundbreaking and exciting new online identity. Registrations will be open to everyone for the creation of websites, blogs and email addresses. Pre-registrations will start in November 2013, with the ability to register .UNO domains in early 2014.

Jolles added, “.UNO – The first-ever truly generic Web Domain for the Latin Internet is for everyone who wants to be recognized for being the best at what they do. The hottest music, the top trend-setting restaurants, the first choice is always: Numero Uno.

“This is the first chance people will have to attach panache to a domain name and declare/self-appoint celebrity status to their name within their own online community. This is about opening minds to the opportunity to showcase your space on the Internet.”

Paid pre-registrations for .UNO domain names will begin in mid-November, 2013 at

About Dot Latin LLC

Founded in 2011, Dot Latin LLC was formed with the sole mission of providing services that actively support and improve the online experience for Spanish-speaking populations, worldwide. Through their creation and introduction of the .UNO top level domain, Dot Latin LLC provides businesses with a unique consumer relationship building opportunity by creating association through common language and cultural differentiation, while fostering increased consumer confidence from Hispanic and Latino consumers all over the globe. For more information about Dot Latin LLC, to find out how you can become a .UNO accredited registrar, or to find a list of accredited registrars where you can register for your .UNO domain name, please visit

For more information, contact Shaul Jolles at (816) 200-7080.

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