(Dot) .Sucks Sucks! New TLD – Terrible Excuse For a Terrible Domain Name Extension

(Dot) .Sucks Sucks! New TLD – Terrible Excuse For a Terrible Domain Name Extension

Introducing A New TLD About to Be Released .Sucks

(Dot) .Sucks is Terrible Excuse For a Terrible Domain Name Extension

The trouble here is .Sucks is trying to explain how valuable it will be for the freedom of expression, critiquing,   and voicing your opinions about things you don’t like or you disagree with by creating a new domain name extension.

Saudi Arabia worries that the domain name extension will be used for pornography or adult related content.

The truth is if you really want to create a TLD domain extension, forum or platform for people to voice their dissatisfaction about things, the word “Sucks” starts you off on the wrong foot.  “Sucks” has a nasty connotation to it.  “Sucks” Them There Are Fighting Words! 🙂

It is a bad choice of words!  It would appear from their description and explanation in their promotional materials and website that they are trying to support the new extension as good.  They are doing everything they can to polish a turd.  The fact is a turd is a turd and .Sucks Sucks!

Quoted from their site:
“Our Vision for the Conversation

By building an easy-to-locate, “central town square” available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, dotSucks is designed to help consumers find their voices and allow companies to find the value in criticism. Each dotSucks domain has the potential to become an essential part of every organization’s customer relationship management program.”
You can find this and more on .Sucks here https://www.nic.sucks/


Here is a video of someone polishing a turd:

Here is their video trying to use Great American Moments and Famous People to make you believe that .Sucks is a good new domain name extension and why it will be good for society.

If they truly cared about a successful campaign to let your voice be heard, they should have started with a better name that was not so confrontational and derogatory.  How about trying (Dot) .Cares, or (Dot) .Voice, or a TLD I actually think is coming soon, Dot .Opinion /.Opinions.

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