Domain Name Registration Duration Helps Search Engine Placements

Domain Name Registration Duration Helps Search Engine Placements

Does it matter how long you register your domain name for?

Well the quick answer is YES!  Or at least it makes sense.

With all the 100’s if not 1,000’s of search engine ranking criteria built in to each search engine’s algorithm it is often hard to say or hard to tell.  This was at one point a factor that was calculated in and considered for ranking placement, but with all the updates and constant changes in the ever growing marketplace of search you can never really say it is 100% fact.  In fact, many people that work on the search engines can’t even tell you.  There are so many factors considered when evaluating a site for placement.

That said, knowing that at one point it played a role, it only stands to reason that it still must have some influence.  If you take a second to stop and think about it, it actually makes sense.  Which makes answering the question even easier.  Think about it this way, if you owned the search engine company and wanted to build the best possible results for your users, what would all those factors be to determine who gets top placements.  Well for the sake of this article we are only going to stick to and discuss this one minor factor.  So the spider looks at your site, would it want to look at how long you registered your site?

In understanding the mentality you have to think about things this way.  I see that this site is registered for one year, but I see that this other site is registered for twenty years.  What message is the one year site telling the robot versus the twenty year site?

Sometimes things just makes sense and this is certainly one of those times.  Understand it has never been less expensive to create a successful business then it is these days.  So when your actual most important expense at all costs you about $10.00 per year, then why wouldn’t you register it for ten or twenty years.  Heck, the domain name is your location.  It is your most important asset and it is actually one of the smallest expenses you will ever incur with an online business.

Therefore if you only register your website URL for 1 year, then you are essentially telling the search engine that your site is only worth roughly $10.00 to you.  Rather if you register it for 20 years and pay roughly $200.00 (1x only for 20 years) you are telling the engine that you intent to be around and you don’t want to take any chance at someone else getting your domain name.

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