Crowdsite and Duolingo Join Forces to Help Graphic Designers Prove Their Credentials

Crowdsite and Duolingo Join Forces to Help Graphic Designers Prove Their Credentials

Cross-Atlantic partnership unites graphics experts with language proficiency

OLDENZAAL, Netherlands, Nov. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Dutch crowdsourcing start-up Crowdsite and American language certification specialist Duolingo have launched a unique collaboration. The new partnership will enable Crowdsite’s 54,555 professionals and other freelance experts to obtain official language certification.

Obtaining an English certificate from a college or university in the Netherlands can set you back hundreds of dollars. The test from Duolingo, however, only costs $20 to administer – and it’s even free for a limited period of time.

With over 50 million users, Duolingo is now the most popular way to learn languages online. Developed by the creators behind today’s most popular online language education platform, the Duolingo Test Center’s English Exam generates scores highly correlated with the TOEFL, a standardized English proficiency test.

Crowdsite users can take the exam whenever it suits them. After passing the exam, they can add the score to the user profiles on It’s a great way to impress new customers and enhance your professional crowdsourcing community profile.

“Everyone should be able to certify their skills without breaking the bank,” says Luis von Ahn, CEO and co-founder of Duolingo. “Partnering with Crowdsite will help us deliver a more convenient and affordable way for people to certify their language proficiency around the world.”

Crowdsite is a crowdsourcing platform where small businesses and other professionals can get high-quality designs through a contest format. The project owner describes the parameters, and talented designers pour in, allowing you to select a winner in just a week. More than 39,000 designers have registered and 20,000 contests have been completed, making the most popular marketplace for graphic design in Europe.

As the first high-end crowdsourcing site for small businesses, Crowdsite strives to ensure the quality of all projects on the website. Adding the Duolingo test is one of many initiatives making Crowdsite the go-to resource for designers and project owners alike.

The Duolingo test is now available to all Crowdsite users, and can be accessed via, where you can also find more information about the test and a video of how the site works. Currently, the certification test is available in English, and Duolingo will soon add other languages to the certification menu.

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