Bing Search Introduces Captcha Bad Idea or Just Error

Bing Search Introduces Captcha Bad Idea or Just Error


Is Bing Adding Captcha to Their Search Engine?

Today when doing a search in Bing I was promoted with a Captcha screen prior to completing my search query request.


Wow I certainly hope this isn’t the case.  I hope this is just a simple error that they are frantically trying to fix on the back end.  If not, their attempt to compete with Google and all that advertising is going to be squandered right out the window (No Pun Intended 🙂  If this is something they intend to keep or continue doing they will kill their user base and traffic.  This will totally cripple their search engine.  I hope what I am seeing is just an error or something that is temporary for whatever reason.  But I have cleared my cache and cookies 10 times today and this captcha continues to come up.  Will see if it is there tomorrow or if the guy that came up with this idea is there tomorrow 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts on this below.


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