3-in-1 10-Gigabit Ethernet Network Tap Built-In 24TB Storage, Bypass Switch and GPS.

3-in-1 10-Gigabit Ethernet Network Tap Built-In 24TB Storage, Bypass Switch and GPS.

IPCopper USC10G3 Gives Your Network the Power to Remember and You the Freedom to Forget

PORTLAND, Ore., June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – IPCopper, Inc. announces the release of the USC10G3, its versatile 3-in-1 10-Gigabit Ethernet network tap with built-in 24TB storage, bypass switch and GPS.

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Network problems are frustratingly hard to catch. How often is IT called in, only to watch the network activity for a while and say, “Everything looks fine right now. Next time it happens, call me right away so I can hopefully catch it.” The difficulty lies in the very nature of network data: it is ephemeral, momentarily present in the volatile memory of one piece of equipment or another and then it is gone. Even with an IT wizard on staff, it is impossible to go back in time and get that data: a network has no memory… unless given one. The USC10G3 is a network’s memory, with enough speed to capture every single network communication – every Ethernet packet, every TCP/IP transmission and every SIP session traversing the network – and enough capacity to store months and years of every packet header and payload. With USC10G3 packet capture in hand, investigations into network events, cybercrime and hacking progress from waiting and watching to actually figuring it out, using data automatically and effortlessly captured. It makes the difference between successful diagnosis and resolution and protracted, incomplete incident response.

With its high-speed 10GbE capabilities and large 24TB capacity, the USC10G3 befits today’s high-performance networks. Whether deployed in corporate, banking, healthcare, university or government settings, the USC10G3′s secure and flexible operation aids in the management, monitoring, auditing and troubleshooting of data networks, easing the workload and increasing the effectiveness of busy IT departments. The patent-pending technology underpinning the USC10G3 makes it truly operational out of the box, with no configuration required. The USC10G3 is technology at its best: it handsomely fulfills a complex task, has broad usability and integrates easily into the existing network environment.

The USC10G3 simplifies the tasks of network troubleshooting and diagnostics. With problems ranging from suspicious TCP/IP sessions, malformatted packets, network congestion, dropped packets, VoIP calls that don’t complete, communication problems with CRM/ERP systems or insider misuse, detecting and diagnosing present or past network incidents relies on access to the actual data streams traversing the network. Having the network data already to hand brings the problem that much closer to resolution.

The USC10G3 can record up to three separate networks or segments in inline mode or up to six in dedicated SPAN mode. GPS time synchronization delivers extremely accurate timestamping, with a precise resolution of 1/1,000,000 of a second, while true bypass keeps your network humming even in the event the appliance loses power or malfunctions. The USC10G3 provides long term benefits, remaining effective and relevant through and beyond the development of new malware variants and hacking techniques.

The USC10G3 replaces IPCopper’s previous generation USC10G24, matching its 24TB capacity in an enclosure half the size but with triple the number of ports, bypass and GPS. The menu-driven command-line utility simplifies management and data retrieval and may be customized to integrate 10GbE packet capture with other network security and administration tools. For more information on the USC10G3, visit www.ipcopper.com.

IPCopper, Inc. provides secure, high-performance network appliances for network recording, troubleshooting, debugging and security monitoring. IPCopper, Inc. designs and manufactures the software, firmware and hardware for its products in the USA.

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