Online Real Estate Dilution Value Caused by New Top Level Domain Names (TLDs)

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Location, Location, Location.  Domain Names Are Valuable Cyber Real Estate or Online Real Estate

I used to say that domains names were valuable online real estate or cyber real estate and they have a value just like real real estate.  That you could really have a valuable piece of property online and as time went on, your property would become more valuable just like empty land here on earth.  But now that is all starting to change or at least I fear that it is starting to change and will inevitably change.  The Online Real Estate Dilution Value Caused by New Top Level Domain Names (TLDs) is getting out of control.  Basically, new Top Level Domains names are the same as printing money.  What?  The domain name you want is taken?  Well just start a new TLD and you can get the name you want.

While simultaneously if you are the domain name owner of a TLD and you want to protect your brand, in many ways you are forced to keep buying YourName.NewExtension.  It is really BS.  There currently 1,114 new domain names slated for release in addition to all the current existing extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov etc…  First they added extensions and said it was a different country.  That made sense, but now it is just about everything.  Dot .Crap should be coming soon 🙂

The market is getting diluted and now what used to be top prime real estate can now be out ranked or washed out by a new extension.  And what about when all the 1,114 domain extensions are burned out, then I guess they will just make more extensions.  It is like printing money and it sucks!  Just like Dot .Sucks!

This make the need and value for SEO more important today then ever before.

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