NFL Free Advertising, Promoting, & Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Suggestions for the NFL & Breast Cancer Awareness Charities

NFL Advertising, Promoting, & Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Obviously, this is a great cause and any support they can get for this cause is huge.  The main objective is awareness.  But if you break it down there are actually two main objectives.

  1. Breast Cancer Awareness:  So Get Screened Regularly and Don’t Wait!
  2. Donations and Money for Support, Research, Assistance, Etc.


Attention NFL & Breast Cancer Awareness Charities

Here’s a Great Suggestion

I Have One Suggestion that should be fairly easy for everyone involved and should be extremely cheap and might make the biggest difference in awareness and donations.  Below is a screen capture of the NFL homepage.  The pink ribbon is nice and actually looks great!  Notice the 728 x 90 leaderboard banner that is frequently located just under the top navigation and/or recent score results on  If you were to put some pink buttons/graphics/banner on the right and left side of the banner mentioning breast cancer awareness month and “Donate Now!” I bet it would have a HUGE impact on this campaign and actually make the homepage look better and more balanced without that vacant space.  Alternately, you could align the advertiser’s banner to the right or left and make a bigger Cancer Awareness Ad.  Again, it would also make the site look better and more balanced.  In fact, could use this new found space for all charities and donations they support.  Even rotate multiple campaigns through an ad server.

nfl.com2014-10-7 22 57 15

Anyway, there are many different options and ways to go about this.  But implementing a suggestion like I just made should be fairly straight forward, easy, and inexpensive.


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