Firefox Removed or Got Rid of my Browser Title Bar – Problem Solved

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Simple, Quick, Solution to Replace or Add A Title Bar to Firefox.

Apparently one of the Latest Firefox Updates decided that you no longer had any need or use for the title bar or the full title of the page to be able to be read.  Well for SEO people we know this to be a 101 essential must have and must see.  Not to mention it is quite helpful in more ways than one to see the title tag displayed.

So after playing around and searching for a solution to get my title bar back that was removed without my desire, consent, or permission.  I have found the solution and it is SIMPLE!

Just install the Firefox Addon Extension simply named “Display Window Title“.  They even go as far to simply say, “Adds the window title back to the Firefox title bar on Windows and Mac.” and that is it!

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