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Buying Stock in Domain Name Giant GoDaddy’s IPO Looks Like A Good Investment

00 GoDaddy’s GDDY Initial Public Offering (IPO) Domain Stock Shares Open Today the (TLD) Top Level Domain Name Provider juggernaut GoDaddy, launches its initial public offering (IPO).  I don’t normally discuss stocks or their potential success, but just like many other Internet companies and websites that I use, GoDaddy is one of the best.  GoDaddy […]

Online Real Estate Dilution Value Caused by New Top Level Domain Names (TLDs)

00 Location, Location, Location.  Domain Names Are Valuable Cyber Real Estate or Online Real Estate I used to say that domains names were valuable online real estate or cyber real estate and they have a value just like real real estate.  That you could really have a valuable piece of property online and as time […]

(Dot) .Sucks Sucks! New TLD – Terrible Excuse For a Terrible Domain Name Extension

00 Introducing A New TLD About to Be Released .Sucks (Dot) .Sucks is Terrible Excuse For a Terrible Domain Name Extension The trouble here is .Sucks is trying to explain how valuable it will be for the freedom of expression, critiquing,   and voicing your opinions about things you don’t like or you disagree with by creating […]

Where Did My Firefox Browser Title Bar Menu Go?

00 For some reason my Firefox Browser Title Bar Menu has disappeared and I don’t know how to get it back.  Where did it go? If you are like me you love to keep the traditional Firefox Title Bar Menu that was common in many browsers.  More and more it seems browser developers are making […]

Little Caesars Bacon Crusted Pizza, Domino’s Removes “Pizza” From Their Name!

00 On The Dawn of Little Caesars Bacon Crusted Pizza, Domino’s Delivers Yet Another Curve Ball Removes “Pizza” From Their Name! The End of Domino’s Pizza Translates Simply Into Domino’s Continued Success.  Marketing Genius! Just take a look at this stock performance from 2004 to Present.  I don’t agree with everything they do, but apparently […]

Google Enforcing Mobile SEO Penalties

00 Google is Now Penalizing Websites For Mobile Usability Issues What Are Mobile Usability Issues? Yes, that’s right!  Your friend, your buddy, Google is now dishing out and enforcing mobile usability issues with websites that are not mobile friendly.  This will drastically and directly effect your organic (SEO) search engine listings and placements.  If your […]

What is the Facebook Link Shim?

00 The Facebook Link Shim helps protect the identity of the user clicking through on a link to the destination landing page. The Facebook Link Shim can be identified in Google Analytics and Statistical Reporting as / referral and / referral (mobile). It helps Protect Privacy and Identity of the end user.  It […]