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Microsoft Outlook Email Crashing After Recent Windows Update

00 Microsoft Windows OS Most Recent Patch / Update Crashing Outlook When Emails Open It seems Microsoft Windows 7 and Higher most recent OS Patch Update has been crashing People’s HTML Outlook Emails since the most recent update took place Between November 9, 10, or 11.  After reviewing many posts and data on the subject, […]

Buying Stock in Domain Name Giant GoDaddy’s IPO Looks Like A Good Investment

00 GoDaddy’s GDDY Initial Public Offering (IPO) Domain Stock Shares Open Today the (TLD) Top Level Domain Name Provider juggernaut GoDaddy, launches its initial public offering (IPO).  I don’t normally discuss stocks or their potential success, but just like many other Internet companies and websites that I use, GoDaddy is one of the best.  GoDaddy […]

Google Enforcing Mobile SEO Penalties

00 Google is Now Penalizing Websites For Mobile Usability Issues What Are Mobile Usability Issues? Yes, that’s right!  Your friend, your buddy, Google is now dishing out and enforcing mobile usability issues with websites that are not mobile friendly.  This will drastically and directly effect your organic (SEO) search engine listings and placements.  If your […]

EMAIL REMINDER: Search Engine Registration for Your Domain Name is Pending

00 TLD Registrar Domain Name Registration and Search Engine Listing SPAM SCAM ALL-IN-ONE WATCH OUT  FOR THESE EMAIL SCAMMERS.  They have certainly found a way to truly confuse you to the point that they cover Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Domain name Registration and lead you to believe that you might not get what you […]

Is Facebook On The Way Out?

00 Be Careful Of How Much Time You Invest In Social Media Don’t Get Caught Up In Making Your Presence On Someone Else’s Site More Important Then Your Own Yesterday the Washington Post released an article titled, “Teens are officially over Facebook”.  See More Here >> This is a great article and to my point […]

NFL Free Advertising, Promoting, & Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

00 Suggestions for the NFL & Breast Cancer Awareness Charities NFL Advertising, Promoting, & Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Obviously, this is a great cause and any support they can get for this cause is huge.  The main objective is awareness.  But if you break it down there are actually two main objectives. Breast […]

Keys To Understanding & Identifying SEO & Email Spam

00 How Can I Tell if The Email I received is Spam? Here are some of the Keys To Understanding & Identifying SEO & Email Spam: Is there a first and last name? Is there a phone number? Is there a return email address clearly labeled? Is there a job title listed? Is there a […]

SPAM Email Alert: Ethical SEO -> Better Traffic -> Higher Sales

00 If you get an email that looks like or reads like this below.  Simply delete it!  It is Spam and don’t waste another moment on it.   Hi, I am Sharon. I was surfing through your website and realized that despite having a good design, it was not ranking on any of the search […]

SPAM Email Alert: SEO & PPC Project Leads

00 FYI, I continue to get these spam emails for SEO & PPC Project Leads from many different companies and people. Hi, I noticed that your agency offers SEO and SEM services, so I thought it was appropriate to reach out. We receive requests (leads) from small to medium sized businesses, that want SEO or PPC services. Would […]